Edward Izzi, Novelist

Edward Izzi

When the author was in high school, it was suggested by his English teachers that any career, other than writing, would be 'a total waste of time'. He always had a passion for writing but was discouraged to pursue it as a career. Born and raised in Detroit and being the first generation from Italian immigrants, he moved to Chicago at age 21 with only his college degree and $100 in his pocket. After working in public accounting for several years, he started his CPA accounting firm from his kitchen table and went on to become a very successful CPA and businessman. But becoming a fiction author was always his life-long passion. After a thirty-year marriage and a lengthy divorce, it was suggested that he take up writing again as a 'form of therapy'.

He has now devoted all his time in developing new and exciting storylines for his next fiction novels. His writing prose and style is often set within his hometown of Chicago, his native Detroit, and his many travel experiences to Italy and in Europe. He invests a considerable amount time and historical research in developing his storylines and various characters, which are very often modeled from many of his real-life experiences. Edward Izzi has written a countless number of short stories, poetry, and has completed several fiction thriller novels, including "Of Bread and Wine", "A Rose from The Executioner", "Demons of Divine Wrath" and "Quando Dormo".

Book Reviews:

Edward Izzi's timing for the release of "A Rose from The Executioner" is uncanny, as the Archdiocese of Chicago is actually selling off land next to Holy Name Cathedral to help defray the costs for sexual child abuse. He questions and balances the moral dilemma of vigilantism vs. a detective trying to allow the law to deal with injustice. And yes, we still get some of the mysticism of Da Vinci Code. It is entertaining, yet it certainly reminds us of our need for diligence in reporting and working to stop all forms of human abuse, especially child abuse.
John Brescia

Great story line. I finished this author's first book "Of Bread & Wine" in 2 sittings and "A Rose from The Executioner" this one in 4. Too hard to put them down. Every time I wanted to put it down for the evening, I would say just one more chapter, four chapters later, I was still reading. It was great to see the names of many familiar streets and the schools I went to in the book. Made for a very fun read. The ending was a total surprise. I look forward to book 3 form this new and exciting author. Looking forward to the movie!
Michelangelo Scafidi

I've got to catch up on everything I've been neglecting, as every time I put this book down, I would say, "Okay, just one more chapter!" This story is so timely, with all the "news" lately, and I really liked the way it presented the storyline, and the characters. You never knew whose side you were supposed to be on, and the twists and turns had me guessing....and not correctly! Loved it!
Terrie Darragh

This book mixes suspense, intrigue and history but with a deeper meaning of how money doesn't create happiness! It also gives a clear view of the weaknesses of the Vatican structure as it unnecessary complicates people's lives who try to give their best trying to do some good in this world of today.
Marc V

Can't put his books down. Definitely an up and coming author...Bravo!
Douglas Janes

A literary opus...looking forward to reading more from this exciting new author.
G. Cesario

If you are fan of Dan Brown, you will enjoy this book. A good book will grab the reader within first 10 pages. "Of Bread & Wine" did that for me. I look forward to reading next thriller-suspense novels from this amazing author.
Van A.